Synergy of design and function

Flexible, functional und elegant - these are the characteristics featuring our new enclosure series proboxx made in Dürmentingen. With the new product line we - the expert for pushbuttons and switches - are complementing our portfolio of enclosures by a particularly classy and also practical variant making daily work easier.

We currently offer the proboxx as empty enclosure or also as assembled variant. The assembled variant is available for four different systems.


elegant & multifunctional


The enclosures are quick and easy to assemble thanks to the new innovative mounting mechanism.


  • direct integration in IO-Link or AS-Interface systems
  • asymmetric fixing for safety gates
  • optional, flexible labelling option

Plug & Work

Simply to connect with M12 connection, no wiring necessary.


  • up to 4 holes for pushbuttons and switches
  • various connection options (M12, M16 cable gland, radio system)
  • available as pre-equipped or empty enclosure


Appealing, high-quality and modern design.


  • stable plastic enclosure
  • degree of protection IP65


Empty enclosure

  • individual use
  • with predetermined breaking point for M16 cable glands
  • without predetermined breaking point for the use with radio systems or special connectors

Assembled M12 enclosure

  • for conventional wiring
  • two M12 connectors
  • the emergency-stop is connected separately via the second M12 connector

Assembled IO-Link enclosure

  • IO-Link certified
  • 2 M12 connectors (IO-Link / emergency-stop (AIDA))
  • IO-Link status indication
  • The following features can be parameterised:
    • dimming or night design of all LEDs
    • operating hours meter
    • monitoring of switching cycles (lifetime) of each pushbutton or switch
    • monitoring of the status indication

Assembled AS-Interface enclosure

  • AS-Interface certified
  • two M12 connectors (bus is looped through)
  • AS-Interface status indication

Assembled enclosure with sWave® radio technology


  • sWave® technology of steute
  • frequency range 868 MHz (EU and China)
  • bidirectional communication (transmitter electronics with longlife battery)
  • LED for status indication (monitoring battery)
  • range of up to 450 m in the open field and up to 40 m indoors
  • up to 40 transmitter units (pushbuttons, switches) can be managed with one receiver


  • sWave® technology of steute
  • frequency range 868 MHz (EU and China)
  • 4 potential-free relay outputs (NO)
  • learning mode (assignment of outputs)
  • LED status indication (switching states)
  • range of up to 450 m in the open field and up to 40 m indoors

The proboxx in detail

For the development of the proboxx, particular attention was devoted to its design. Thus, the screw fitting has been put on the bottom intentionally so as to not disturb the appearance of the enclosure by exposed screw heads. This aesthetic detail corresponds with the added value of safety: The enclosure can not be opened without dismounting it. For the labelling of the pushbuttons and switches special labels have been developed which fit perfectly into the design and can be fixed easily by clipping on. The inscription is engraved by laser according to customer's requirement.

  • high-quality,stable enclosure made of polyamide
  • appealing design
  • innovative mounting mechanism for base, wall and profile mounting
  • asymmetrical placement on guard lockings
  • screw fitting on the bottom
  • labels to clip on (laser marked)
  • degree of protection IP65
  • Emergency-stop with 2 NC
  • Pushbuttons, selector and key switches with 1 or 2 NO
  • dimensions
    • width 52 mm
    • height 44 mm
    • length without M-12 connector 177 mm, 141 mm, 105 mm, 69 mm
    • length with M12 connector 189 mm, 153 mm, 117 mm, 81 mm
  • pushbuttons and switches
    • pilot light
    • pushbuttons
    • selector/key switches
    • emergency-stop

Get started with the startboxx

Would you like to get familiar with the proboxx now? Please send us your enquiry and we will be pleased to offer you our startboxx at a special price!

The startboxx is a fully functional proboxx equipped with 3 pushbuttons and switches. The proboxx is easy to connect via the M12 connector and can be used immediately.

How to configure my proboxx

The proboxx can be ordered and individually equipped using the new Schlegel online configurator for enclosures. Determine whether you want an empty enclosure or an assembled one and choose the suitable assembly as per your requirements from the various sizes and systems.